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A Randomized Controlled Trial of Post Crisis Suicide Prevention


Statement of the problem

Suicide related deaths in the developed world compose a good proportion in the overall deaths. Surviving suicidal patients having undergone a psycho-therapeutic treatment are often discharged home where a follow up activity on their emotional conditions. These patients have been found to be at high-risk of committing a post suicide thus developing rising concerns on ways to avert the trend and thus deliberate efforts to reduce the rates in this high-risk suicide group. This study seeks to identify whether prolonged feeling of connectedness can be used as a follow up activity means and thus affect high-risk suicide rates downward. The study will use the results obtained, make an inference and compare it with Likeminded School of thoughts in order to determine the best method in combating this situation. The study will establish a follow-up program to suicidal patients for a pro…

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My three Weeks in Vietnam- The Multi-cultural Paradise on Earth:

I have always felt enchanted and mesmerized by the beauty of Vietnam; its well-stretched coastline, refreshing beaches and spas, soothing atmosphere, remarkable natural wonders, and cultured people, everything is so inviting about this place. So, I booked a trip to Vietnam to explore some of its most astounding sites including Ho chi Minh, Hoi An, Mekong Delta, and Halong bay.

Vietnam is a South Asian country, which is known worldwide, no… not for the Vietnam War, but for its breathtaking beaches, free-flowing rivers, picturesque landscape, and delectable cuisine. The country’s weather is dominated by rainfalls as Vietnam receives two monsoons and seasons vary a lot. You can travel to Vietnam at any time of the year. Southern Vietnam remains warm and sunny most of the year. Spring and autumn seasons are your best bet but do pack waterproof jackets just in case.

Ho Chi Minh/Saigon City:

Ho Chi Minh is Vietnam’s largest city and the perfect plac…

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Our shop, “Mishrastore” believes in the principle of “Shop with confidence” wherein dedicated services are provided to its clients with quick response by the agents who work for its clients constantly and efficiently during office hours.

The company sells the Anti-aging Night Cream at an affordable price with the following characteristic feature and benefits as mentioned below:

Anti-aging Night Cream “Poseida” is the best night cream for providing nourishment to the skin. The cream is one of the best creams that provide an extra boost to the skin making it hydrant and smooth. The cream is rich in vitamin A and E that provides elasticity to the skin which is very beneficial for the healthy-looking skin thereby improving the skin’s texture efficiently. Anti-aging night cream acts as a catalyst in the treatment from normal skin to sensitive skin. With this, the appearance of scars, uneven skin tone and stretch marks gets improved effectively that helps in t…

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