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Learn about African Hair Braiding

A Braid is a structure that is formed by interwoven two or more strands of pliable materials such as hairs etc. Braiding is an art of doing hairs by some traditional technique. The history of hair braiding generally dated back to 5000 years. The tradition of African hair braiding generally goes back to 3000 B.C.  The tradition of hair braiding in Africa is part of their culture. The different types of braids show different types of tribes and their culture. They usually distinguish each other through the pattern of their hair braiding.  Hairstyles generally come and go but one thing that hasn’t change is the ancient braiding technique which still roams from countries to countries and from culture to culture. The tradition of hair braiding is considered a very vital part in African culture.


Hair braiding is generally considered as fashion statement but it plays a vital role in African culture. The history of Afr…

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