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Aviva Canada operates under the roof of Aviva plc, that serves around 34 million customers in 16 markets of UK, Europe, Asia and Canada. Aviva Canada assures high quality customer care with best insurance policies, as it priorities quality over quantity. It provides health, home, life, recreational vehicles, car, and business insurance, that thoroughly covers all aspects of the possible damages. The company is operated by the team of more than 3000 employees, serving in 25 different locations of the country, with headquarters in Toronto.

Basic and simple rule of being one of the leading insurer in the country, is Aviva’s best and in time insurance policies with proactive customer service planning that provides customers with step by step plan to rectify their damage, and come back to normal track as fast as possible. For Aviva, the costliest day ever in the Canadian history was of Alberta Floods in June, 2013. The natural disaster caused a long string of losses to the insurance business as the damages to the insured property raised to more than $1.7 billion. While in the same year, the greater Toronto areas floods caused over $850 million to the insurance industry. Making the best out of the situation and analyzing the weather conditions of the country, Aviva Canada launched the country’s first overland water protection insurance policy, in May 2015. This insurance policy helps its customers in not only natural disaster situations, but also in everyday life possible damages, which includes water pipe bursting and sewage water escape. Thus, giving people the best policy to get insured from sudden accumulation of water with heavy rain, or overflow of rivers or lakes, as floods cover 40% of the natural disaster wheel, recorded in Canadian history ever.

With best thoughtful strategies, investment plans, and best customer care advisory, Aviva Canada makes itself top fruitful business and leading insurer in the country.

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