Bed and Beakfast service in Edmonton


After traveling a long way down, I could not wait to get to the villa. Bed & Breakfast Villa is located in a very incredible and amazing countryside. Locating this villa was very fast and easy. It has a very clean and beautiful garden. I felt welcomed and at home immediately I entered into this villa. The sight alone will make you so anxious about what it looks like on the inside. It has a very large parking space, parking was so easy for us and it was also free. It had a sign post at one spot or the other, making it easy to move around without any help.

Bed and Breakfast villa has the best people I must say, right from our first day till when we left. The workers were so welcoming and polite. They saved us a lot of time and frustration in planning our activities ahead, routes and meals. The keeper was always on time and will frequently ask if she could help do other things. They frequently gave suggestions to make our experience more enjoyable. I hardly had got confused about anything, neither did I ask many questions because they had answered most of my questions while they briefed me.

The bedroom was beautiful, it felt like I was on a getaway. It had lovely furniture, well laid out and clean bed. It had beautiful candle stands that were well perfumed. The wall arts were amazing, coupled with lovely soft furnishings. It also had a very beautiful color theme and interesting lighting options. The mini fridge in the room had a lot of goodies, fresh fruit juice, candy bars and more. The toiletries smelled really good with a big size bath. I loved it.

This was one of my best experiences, maybe because I am a lover of good food. The breakfast was amazing with well thought out menus and recipes, it came with complimentary snacks, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and bottled water. I will come back mainly because of the food, yes they were delicious.

I was never bored at this B&B villa. There was so much to do for leisure. There were games to play, books and magazines to read, lovely environment to relax and great workers to chat with. I must not forget the beautiful swimming pool. Just sitting in the pool and sipping cold juice made me so happy.

I will definitely come back here and I will bring friends too. Thank you for this amazing experience.

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February 16, 2020 10:03 pm

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