Temp mail for Facebook

Social networks such as, Myspace, Twitter, etc. are purely for recreational use, and does not really give you a complete career platform.  However, the one thing that LinkedIn and Facebook emphasize is its user professional connections; it allows you to make connections with people in your industry, as well as other related industries.

Security of personal data is a major concern at present . If you want to remain anonymous, you can use a Facebook profile registered with temp mail.

Temp mail, for Facebook is great, as it serves as a temporary email; a lot of people believe that temporary mail is used by intruders, criminals, and spammers but when you know how to use temp mail then it makes your life a lot easier. It facilitates in fighting off spam and viruses. As well as allowing an organized mailbox, a lot easier, by searching for important messages when necessary. 

You also won’t be disclosing your real email and therefore your mailbox does not become littered.  I have a Facebook Temporary Mail account do you? It is nice to have a disposable email inbox where all my messages can be viewed safely, and disposed, and then if I ever do need to find one again I can just do a quick search and it will be there.  Not in my mailbox.

 Another amazing thing about this platform is the fact that it is great in providing you with a temporary email address of which you can dispose of at any given time.  It is very safe and only you have access to your mailbox.  Unless, you give someone permission, to use it other than you.

You will be shown how to register a new page on Facebook with temp mail, step by step.

Open a new window in our browser, and the go to the facebook.com and fill in all of the registration details that are required.  You have to be older than 18 years of age to have an account.  When you choose a password, make sure it is a difficult one that only you know. Once you reach to account creation page , use the free temp mail avaibale at www.tempmail.ca

once your register tempmail via tempmail.ca , go back to tempmail.ca and check the verification code sent to tem email id .

Similarly , If you are looking for a career, simply fill in all the LinkedIn member criteria, and let your professional journey begin. Profile pages must have a structure similar to a resume, so that users can summarize their career prospects. You can use temp mail service to register linkedIn account as well .

Users can summarize their career, advertise their particular skills, and list their education and employment history. Connections are only formed between users when you accept an invitation to join a person’s network.  LinkedIn also allows you to receive recommendations from other users.

If users would like to receive more profiles in their sear results and see full profiles of any user, then you might want to make a payment for premium service.

Linkedin had more than 15 million members worldwide in 2011.  Membership is free, for every professional.  Currently Linkedin also allows companies to advertise on their site.

I am Linkedin: are you?